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A blog loosely based on my thesis which critically analyzed the socio-ecological impacts of golf courses and estates in the Mossel Bay, George and Knysna area. Here I explore issues related to sustainability and my thesis that I did not get the chance to while writing.

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The 2014 Bucket List

I know I have been quiet - I have been working on a more personal blog to essentially deal with the kakkest year ever - 2013. In the spirit of all things new, here is my bucket list for the year as opposed to new years resolutions (I’m a Rhodent, drinking is a part of me).

  1. Drivers
  2. Masters
  3. Publish - academic
  4. Publish - journ
  5. Learn to ride a bike (I spent my childhood with my nose in a book)
  6. Go shark cage diving
  7. Fest (National Arts Festival, Grahamstown so I can be around my kind again)
  8. Apply for PhD (yes, I am a sucker for learning)
  9. Go somewhere remote and explore
  10. Visit Greyton (this awesome town outside Caledon)
  11. Exercise (okay, in all fairness I am pretty fit so this is an easy one)
  12. Camp more
  13. Jet Ski
  14. Knysna forest
  15. Start diving

There we go - the nerdy, bookish girl is essentially trying to be more outdoorsy. Lets hope it works.